Radon Testing of homes

The RPII advises that all homes should be tested - even new homes which have radon barriers installed. It is extremely difficult to make a radon barrier 100% gas tight, particularly under building site conditions. Studies to date indicate that up to 50% of barriers installed in Ireland are ineffective. That is why even new houses should be tested for radon. The RPII recommends remedial action for homes with radon concentrations in excess of 200 Bq/M3. For test kits, contact The Radon Aware Group.

what does it involve ?

Two week indicator test
3 month test

it is recommended by the r.p.i.i. to place two detectors (the size of a two euro coin) in each house, one in the main living area & one in the master bedroom. After the period of time chosen by the customer return the detectors to radon aware group for analysis.

All tests supplied by the The Radon Aware Group, come with full instructions.

Radon Testing of workplaces

Under The Radiological Protection Act, 1991, and The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 1989, employers are required to test the workplace and to take remedial action where necessary. The established action level for radon in the workplace is 400 Bq/M3.

National Policy on Radon.

In 1992 the government set up the The Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII), the national body responsible for matters relating to radiation in Ireland. Based on their own research, international research and EU legislation and guidelines, the RPII has laid down safety levels for radon in the home and the workplace.

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Radon Testing, Radon Test Kit


Radon Testing, Radon Test Kit



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